15 lis 2014

Maybe I am

Maybe I'm just blind,
Afraid of moving on,
But never have I found
Someone to be so close.

Maybe I'm just deaf,
Due to lack of your voice,
But I'd give you my last breath
If only had such a choice.

Maybe I can't be strong.
Without you can't even be fine.
Or maybe the heart is wrong,
But don't have the another one.

Or maybe it's just drunk?
But soul still lasts sober.
Or may I be a kind of punk?
What would I be as a goner?

Maybe the world is cruel
And it's hard to be dizzy.
But it would be too dull
If everything was so easy.

Maybe one day I'll be strong,
Or maybe someday I'll disappear,
But intuition never is wrong.
Wrong is only my every fear.

Anyway, all these possibilities
Just can run away...
(Yeah, I can throw them away)
Just if you promise... Please, promise,
That you will stay.
Then I will stay.

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