20 lut 2013

Thank You

Thank You for let me be myself,
Thank You for let me try.
For saving me from falling again,
For making my wings fly.
Thank You for every word you said,
Which helped me in gettin' by.
For everything You've ever made
For me to touch the sky.
Thank You for being with me everyday.
For forgivin' all what was bad.
You were only reason for me to stay,
You made me smile if I was sad.
Thank You for catching when I was falling.
For making me laught, for making me smile.
For rescuing when I started drowning.
For noticing every hidden lie.

You tried to fix me from my fears
Like a bandage on my wounds.
You erased my despaired tears.
Taught, I'm the only one, who draws the bounds.
Like a hopeful light in the darkest darkness
You shined in this night, called life.
You were unbroken shield on my chest
Protectin' me from hurting knife.

You were supposed to be my angel,
I was supposed to be your baby...
But now I feel like a stranger.
Will You miss me someday, maybe?