12 sie 2013

Pretty things

You think it doesn't matter,
And it's never gonna be okey.
You think like don't deserve for better
And there's nothing you can say.

Your demons stuck in you
And they slowly cut your every wing.
And these voices are so untrue
But you can't believe in simplest pretty thing.

And you just wanna jump
From the brigde of your glory.
All this crowd is so numb,
Busy of their own story.
And they've forgotten you
Before they've noticed a piece of pain.
So what is left to do?
Just searching in you the blame.

But today you'll wear your prettiest thing,
The faith abandoned on the bottom of this heart.
And take out of your chest every sting.
Open eyes for new start.

And wherever life would takes you,
Never forget your pretty things.
Only this voice of your heart is true.
Allow to fly these folded wings.

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